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Dialogs of Plato-Charmides


My dad loved history. Allegedly, he was somehow ranked in the top five high school students in 1948!? He loved reading the Great Books from Encyclopedia Brittanica. As children, he promised any of us a new bike if we read any of his collection over summer break. I think we all made our attempts, but inevitably failed because of the incredible density of thought in these books.

As an adult, I’ve circled back to the Great Books collection I inherited from him. This year I’ve read Herodotus and am working on Plato. Though I hate the painfully small font, I love the ideas of these icons of thought. Can I share a gem from Plato with you that instantly put me in a state of adoration of the Omniscient One?

“Yes, I said, some one who knows the past and present as well as the future, and is ignorant of nothing. Let us suppose that there is such a person, and if there is, you will allow the he is the most knowing of all living men. Certainly he is.”  Socrates