What was that?

Christopher Columbus Beach, Grand Cayman BWI

I’m sitting on the deck on another perfect early Grand Caymanian morning. The sunburn stopped me from sleeping through the night, but it’s possible that G-d had a plan for my insomnia. Being a late-night nibbler, I looked for some of the Cuban bread in the kitchen to make my 2AM snack. After making a few cucumber sandwiches, I noticed how bad the cutting boards looked in our rental. Though obviously made with care of excellent hardwood, they were so dried as to be on the verge of either donating or burning. Given that I’m prone to workaholism, maybe I’m just good at finding joy in work, I set to make things right. At about 3am, I found myself some olive oil, and began to oil the two worst boards. After one coat they woke up, after two they were beautiful and useful again. I will hit them again after snorkeling, and won’t be surprised if they’re gorgeous. Maybe it’s Dad’s sense of humor, but He allowed me to travel 3,000 miles, to be cut-off from work because of Covid-19 (Corona virus), to be placed in park. He then let my ears hear the wisdom of my father-in-law’s prompting to us all to be listening to the Lord on this vacation because it’s possible He likes to have a give and take conversation with us. So this is what I heard from You as I oil the cutting boards. “Jimmy, you are a tool in my kitchen. You may look and feel tired and dried up, but that’s not what I see. Let me give you a rub with the Oil of Joy. You see the depth of beauty in a piece of wood treated right. Let me give you the right treatment. It’s not over. There’s a deep shine I’m going to bring out in your life. Don’t let the Enemy Rob you of the serving of Joy I’ve got for today. I’m the most thoughtful, and sneakiest Grandpa there is; will you just enjoy the happy moments I set up for you today? Good man!”


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