No Pressure!

Sundivers/Maccabuca Grand Cayman BWI

This day, March 20, 2020, (or 20-3-20 if you’re European) I became a PADI Certified Diver! I also checked “scuba with wife” and “scuba with oldest daughter” off the bucket list! We have racked up 5 dives in 6 days. Not too bad, even if you’re a “lazy American” like me!

The international community of divers here in the Caymans are beyond exceptional! It’s pretty awesome to have instructors from El Salvador and Poland. We walk through an authentic Carribean place called Maccabuca. We climb down a ladder right by the bar straight into the ocean?! After each dive as we debrief, one hears accents from every part of the Commonwealth, and the whole world.

As we surfaced on our last dive, roughly an hour ago, I was struck by the absence of pressure I had just known. Sixty feet under the reef, time slows to a crawl, there is no worry, only an incredible diversity of Creation living life. What a gift in our present ecosystem of panic over Corona virus! May we receive the message from Your Creatures, Lord of the Sea; “No Pressure! Just stay in the right now with the great I Am!”


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