Insurrection or introspection?

The life of my home state is profoundly disrupted since March 13, 2020. Since then look at the effects of living under a “peacetime emergency”:

1. Covid 19 outbreak. 2. Shelter in place orders and the total cessation of all houses of worship. 3. Cessation of economic activity. 4. Massive unemployment. 5. GF death. 6. Massive protests. 7. Protests of righteous anger misdirected into insurrection. 8. City Council voting unanimously to “dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.

Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, will You give us a heart of introspection that displaces the heart of insurrection? Establish Your dominion of grace and truth within the people, land, and history of Minnesota. We love you. We welcome you. We need you in order to survive the chaos present, and establish Your EKKLESIA in the future. Amen.