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The Last Spike


Jan 6, 1893
James J. Hill pushes his Great Northern line to the Pacific Coast. The 1,816-mile track from Saint Paul to Seattle completes the railroad he calls his “great adventure.”
The final spike was driven near Scenic, Washington, on January 6, 1893. By midsummer of 1893 Seattle and the East were linked by regular service.*

Sometimes it is hard to believe that one will ever see the “last spike”. Many work their entire life without the satisfaction of seeing even one dream completed. In Hebrews 11, there is a list of the pantheon of spiritual fathers and mothers who “…pleased God because of their faith!
Thank You for this completed task, and its blessings to the inhabitants of North America. Freedom to travel and explore such vast distances were unknown to most Minnesotans’ of Hill’s generation. Granted, a trip on a train is minimally interactive with the land and the people of this 1,800 mile stretch. However, it was a peek into the vastness of the West, even if it was framed through the window of a train!

*P.T.H. cites timeline formerly at this URL: mnhs.org/about/dipity_timeline.htm
The Minnesota Historical Society Web site, http://www.mnhs.org , is fantastic! Check it out! Images are from https://images.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl; again, an amazing resource!


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