19th Century, Exploration, Geology, History, Minnesota, Native Americans

Schoolcraft discovers the source of the Mississippi River 1832

Ozawindib (“Yellow Head”) and other Ojibwa guide Henry Rowe Schoolcraft as he maps the source of the Mississippi river. He calls the lake where the great river begins “Itasca.”*

Thanks for the blessing of this event on all Minnesotans’! Thanks for men like Schoolcraft who recorded the knowledge of men like Ozawindib and the other Ojibwe guides. May there be recognition and appreciation of the importance of both kinds of men.

Thank you, Father, that Ozawindib chose to be a guide in Your image. He offered his expertise, perhaps not knowing the import of his knowledge to the outer world. He knew where the Mississippi started!?

In this day, and for future Minnesotans I ask this blessing of You great Guide of the Universe: may we offer our piece of knowledge and expertise back to You, and to others. Will You multiply it?

*Note – PrayThroughHistory uses the timeline located for several years at the Minnesota Historical Society Web site, at this URL: mnhs.org/about/dipity_timeline.htm .  The current URL is www.dipity.com/Minnesota/History/Minnesota-History/ and only works if typed, not pasted, in browser. It is worth the effort!




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