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Rebuffing Slavery  

Eliza Winston

Eliza Winston, nanny,  circa 1860



“Slave Eliza Winston accompanies a Mississippi family to Minneapolis. When free blacks and white abolitionists learn that Eliza wants her freedom, they complain to a judge who orders her freed. Some pro-slavery people become angry at the court’s decision; Eliza is sent to Canada for her safety.” *

Thank You for Eliza Winston, and for that You had a purpose in her trip to Minneapolis long before she knew about it. Thank You for Your awareness of every pain, and every tragedy. Thank You that spoke through Paul for the freeing of the slave Onesimus, and therefore, it can be assured that freeing any slave is dear to Your heart.

Jesus, I know so little of this case, and I appeal to You to fill the blanks. Will You forgive the hostility Eliza received from here detractors here, and perhaps from the state court? Will You forgive those who harbored hostility towards her despite our state court’s decision?

G-d, I see the exposed roots of ethnocentrism and racism. Will You dry up these bad roots in Minnesota, and bless the heritage of Eliza Winston? Will You free her heritage from counter-judgments of our legal system, or any who would diminish a person’s value based on skin color? Will You shield us from making bad decisions because we are the object of wrath and anger?



10 thoughts on “Rebuffing Slavery  

  1. Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast says:

    Thank you for subscribing to my blog! The injustices of the past are grievous, and only the Lord can make them right.

    • Agreed! I mostly think in terms of specifically and historically acknowledging separation from G-d: a. Because it’s a principle He set. b. Because present day conflicts have their roots in the unresolved past of our culture. c.not asking forgiveness for the dead, but for the continuation of a broken heritage.

      • That is how I guessed Jewish…in actuality it was YHWH I believe, leaving out the vowels. God is more or less like a title, JEHOVAH-YHWH more of His name. Which really isn’t a personal name, but more like a title…sounds confusing huh? His name is: “I AM THAT I AM” but this isn’t a name, but a title. Like -JEHOVAH Nissi = The LORD our Banner, -JEHOVAH Rapha = The LORD our Healer, JEHOVAH Shalom = The LORD our Peace, ELOHIM = The Mighty GOD, RAPHA-el ( Raphael) = GOD is a Mighty Healer, Gabri-el (Gabriel) = GOD is a Mighty Messenger, and so on! 🙂

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