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Marshall Becomes Governor


Jan 8, 1866 to Jan 7, 1870
William R. Marshall becomes the state’s fifth governor.

Energy and ambition characterized the life of Minnesota’s fifth—and only southern-born—governor. During William Marshall’s administration, his adoptive state experienced a post-Civil-War surge of growth and development: its population doubled to 350,000, its railroad mileage quadrupled, and its commercial endeavors flourished.*

Holy Spirit, thank you for William R. Marshall, and the work he did in the state of Minnesota. Forgive any judgments established from him or to him through the generations. Thanks for his heart for charity shown by the following quote below.

“The inaugural address of Governor Marshall, January 8, 1866, was published in the ‘Executive Documents for the state of Minnesota for the year 1865’, pages 31-38 (St. Paul, 1866). It is in part as follows:
“It is due to the State that an enlarged philanthropy should characterize its efforts for its help less ones. These children of sorrow, the blind, the dumb, the insane, have a claim upon us that we cannot disregard. If speedy action for thier relief is not taken it will be a reproach to our Christian civilization.”  (Minnesota Historical Society Collections)

Lord, may we be civil because we are Yours! May we love our enemies! May we be conduits of Your generosity for those in need! Amen!

*P.T.H. cites timeline formerly at this URL: mnhs.org/about/dipity_timeline.htm
The Minnesota Historical Society Web site, http://www.mnhs.org , is fantastic! Check it out! Images are from https://images.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl; again, an amazing resource!




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