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Leech Lake Reservation Created 1855 to 1864  



1855: The Mississippi, Pillager, and Winibigoshish bands cede all of north-central Minnesota for reservations at Leech and Cass lakes, Winibigoshish, Mille Lacs, Sandy Lake, Rice Lake, Gull Lake, Rabbit Lake, and Lake Pokegama.

1863-4: The Pillager, Winibigoshish, and Mississippi bands are moved off of the reservations established by the 1855 treaty and are concentrated at Leech Lake.*

As I ponder the creation of this reservation today, I’m struck by the names involved. Often,what we call ourselves we become. Will You show me, kind Holy Spirit, how to pray for this moment 160 years ago?
I found a few clues about the place-names from Wikipedia.
“On early maps, Leech Lake is identified in French as “lac Sangsue” (Bloodsucker Lake), which was then translated into English to its current name; its French name was translated from the Ojibwe “” (lake abundant with bloodsuckers).” Upham, Warren (1920). Minnesota Geographic Names: Their Origin and Historic Significance. Minnesota Historical Society. p. 90

Below are the names of the actual signees of this agreement
George W. Manypenny, Commissioner
Tug-o-na-ke-shick, or Hole in the Day, his x mark
Que-we-sans-ish, or Bad Boy, his x mark
Waud-e-kaw, or Little Hill, his x mark
I-awe-showe-we-ke-shig, or Crossing Sky, his x mark
Petud-dunce, or Rat’s Liver, his x mark
Mun-o-min-e-kay-shein, or Rice Maker, his x mark
Aish-ke-bug-e-koshe, or Flat Mouth, his x mark
Be-sheck-kee, or Buffalo, his x mark
Nay-bun-a-caush; or Young Man’s Son, his x mark
Mah-yah-ge-way-we-durg, or The Chorister, his x mark
Kay-gwa-daush, or The Attempter, his x mark
Caw-cang-e-we-gwan, or Crow Feather, his x mark
Show-baush-king, or He that Passeth Under Everything, his x mark
Chief delegates of the Mississippi bands.
Maug-e-gaw-bow, or Stepping Ahead, his x mark
Mi-gi-si, or Eagle, his x mark
Kaw-be-mub-bee, or North Star, his x mark
Chiefs and delegates of the Pillager and Lake Winnibigoshish bands.
Executed in the presence of:
Henry M. Rice
Geo. Culver
D. B. Herriman, Indian Agent
J. E. Fletcher
John Dowling
T. A. Warren, United States Interpreter
Paul H. Beaulieu, Interpreter
Edward Ashman, Interpreter
C. H. Beaulieu, Interpreter
Peter Roy, Interpreter
Will P. Ross, Cherokee Nation
Riley Keys

Jesus, will you forgive the judgments and separations made in these events? Of the United States representatives to those from Minnesota to Mississippi to Pillager to Winibigoshish; all are full of judgments and counter-judgments. Will You free the lands of Leech Lake, Cass Lake, Winibigoshish, Mille Lacs, Sandy Lake, Rice Lake, and Lake Pokegama?

Lord, this day, I ask You to co-sign this loan arrangement of Your property! I lift all these names to You. Where they were living in good faith, may they be blessed in perpetuity! Where they have defaulted on the use of Your property, or misused any descendants of these names, we ask for Your unmerited favor.

You are the Host of this planet, and we are often behaving like its leeches; we only know how to live off the host! Will You add Your name to balance the deficits of our accounts today Infinite-One-Who-Gives-Blood-So-Others-May-Live? May You bring us to full restoration in these relationships, and fully reunite us with this portion of nature!

*Note – PrayThroughHistory uses the timeline located for several years at the Minnesota Historical Society Web site, at this URL: mnhs.org/about/dipity_timeline.htm .

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Radisson & Groseilliers 1659 to 1660  

resized_image2_90176285eed24c24a0653d9196e90b45Lured by rumors of vast untouched beaver preserves, brothers-in-law Pierre-Esprit Radisson and Medard Chouart (Sieur Des Groseilliers) ventured into the country north of Lake Superior in 1659 and spent the winter with the Dakota Indians in the Mille Lacs region. Their report of the wealth in furs led to the founding of the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1670.*

Lord Jesus, thank you for this winter and the relationship of Pierre-Espirit Radisson and Medard Chouart and the Dakota Indians in the Lake Mille Lacs area of Minnesota.

Thank you for the generosity of the Dakotas.  Thanks for the wealth of natural resources given Minnesota, and in this case; a large beaver population. You managed the waterways of this state, long before humans, through this creature!

I want to acknowledge any bitter root judgments that stem from this event and the founding of the Hudson’s Bay Company. I acknowledge the envy of the human heart towards another’s wealth. I acknowledge the misuse of Your creation. Will You release us in the present from these past judgments and real offenses?

**Note – PrayThroughHistory uses the timeline located for several years at the Minnesota Historical Society Web site, at this URL: mnhs.org/about/dipity_timeline.htm .  Currently the timeline seems to be unavailable. I am hopeful that it will be back up in the future, as it was a valuable, user-friendly tool for anyone wishing to explore Minnesota history.