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Kelley on the Grange



“Elk River homesteader Oliver H. Kelley, claiming to be “as full of public spirit as a dog is full of fleas,” leads the founding of the Patrons of Husbandry, or Grange.
The organization, which includes women as equal members, sweeps across rural America, promoting scientific agriculture and enriching the social and cultural life of farm families.” *

What was Mr. Kelley like as a human, Jesus? What desires did You put into his nature for his fellow farmers?
“Encourage them to read and think; to plant fruits and flowers,—beautify their homes; elevate them; make them progressive,” he wrote in a letter to a friend. “I long to see the great army of producers in our country, turn their eyes up from their work; stir up those brains, now mere machines … set them to think,—let them feel that they are human beings, the strength of the nation, their labor honorable, and farming the highest calling on earth.” **

His zeal reminds me of the heart of the Benedictines, whom are renowned for “ora et labora”; prayer and work. Dear Father, how we need that balance between heart and head! Kelley, sort of, reminds me of those with a prophetic calling who operate in the spirit of encouragement. ***

Lord, make more like Kelley, who want to lift up humanity! Lord, may those of us who have this call remain humble, and not cross over in judgment of our neighbor! Will You grow the Grange, and dignify our labor today?
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19th Century, Agriculture, education, farming, Food, History, Minnesota

First Minnesota County Agricultural Society 


March 5, 1852
“Farmers in Benton County form the state’s first county agricultural society. Oliver H. Kelley, who would later found the National Grange, is one of ten charter members. County agricultural society members share information about stock, seeds, fruit, and farming practices.” *

Lord, thanks that You created the abundance of food in Minnesota! Thank You for the formation of this Society to better understand all things that grow. Will You bless the Kelley family and all who share his vision as expressed through the Grange? Will You bless Benton County, and cause those who live there to remember this important contribution to our state, and those far beyond Minnesota? Will You continually raise leaders in all aspects of farming from our ranks?
May You preserve healthy food, crops, and livestock for the people of Minnesota in perpetuity! May we receive Your blessings of our weather and environment through these and any other means: moderation of man-made pollutants or hyper-nutrients, sun cycles, lunar cycles, ultra low frequencies, and any other form of energy or wavelength! Truly You are the light! Truly in You we live, move, and have our being!

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