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Treaties Ratified by Senate without Land Guarantee  


June 23, 1852
“The treaties of Traverse des Sioux and Mendota go to the U.S. Senate to be ratified, but become entangled in the battle over the balance of power between the slave and free states. Southern senators hope the Dakota will refuse because of a key change in wording: in reference to reservation lands, the Senate replaces “in perpetuity” with “at the discretion of the President.” Before final ratification, the Dakota must agree to changes in the treaty. Minnesota territorial governor Alexander Ramsey is charged with attaining the necessary signatures to finalize the treaties, which he accomplishes through a combination of negotiation, withholding of goods and food, and the threat of military force. The Dakota are left with little choice and begin moving to the new lands along the Minnesota River in 1853.” *

Lord, today may we acknowledge the sins and major points of separation of this treaty before You; the Merciful, yet Just Judge of the Universe?

-Ramsey’s willingness to withhold goods and food.
-Ramsey’s threat of military force.
-The US Senate’s willingness to betray the trust of the Dakota through rewording of the treaty.
-Any counter-judgments made by the Dakota.

Jesus, we all betray. We make betrayal worse by responding to offense with unforgiveness. We often make our own prisons when we harden our hearts. I acknowledge these things to You, and pronounce forgiveness based on the promise of Matthew 6:14 “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”
May all parties be moved to show remorse, ask forgiveness, and be restored into right relationship! Amen!

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First Minnesota County Agricultural Society 


March 5, 1852
“Farmers in Benton County form the state’s first county agricultural society. Oliver H. Kelley, who would later found the National Grange, is one of ten charter members. County agricultural society members share information about stock, seeds, fruit, and farming practices.” *

Lord, thanks that You created the abundance of food in Minnesota! Thank You for the formation of this Society to better understand all things that grow. Will You bless the Kelley family and all who share his vision as expressed through the Grange? Will You bless Benton County, and cause those who live there to remember this important contribution to our state, and those far beyond Minnesota? Will You continually raise leaders in all aspects of farming from our ranks?
May You preserve healthy food, crops, and livestock for the people of Minnesota in perpetuity! May we receive Your blessings of our weather and environment through these and any other means: moderation of man-made pollutants or hyper-nutrients, sun cycles, lunar cycles, ultra low frequencies, and any other form of energy or wavelength! Truly You are the light! Truly in You we live, move, and have our being!

* http://www.mnhs.org/about/dipity_timeline.htm





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John Ireland Arrives in Minnesota


“Fourteen-year-old John Ireland comes to St. Paul. He later serves as bishop and archbishop of Minnesota for more than 40 years and promotes Catholic immigration to the state.” *

Lord, thanks for the blessings we inherit through John Ireland! It’s hard to sum up the impact this one man has made on the city of St. Paul. Known as reformer, he sought a cultural change of heart and a change of mind. Ireland’s means to this end was either the reformation of existing institutions, and creating them from the ground up. He received both ardent praise and criticism for extolling the virtues of being a good citizen, and was labelled and an ”Americanist”. **

Another focal point of the life of Ireland was building new bridges between distant Catholics, and Rome. He felt the conflict common of generations of Christians; the loyalty to one’s home, and the loyalty as a citizen of heaven. He went on to represent the frontiers, (i.e. Minnesota Territory) to the Church at Vatican Council I in 1869-70. ***

Bless him and his progeny for welcoming so many of our state! Thank you for his zealous example to Catholics, Protestants, and those searching for faith! Will You bless us as we continue to wrestle with the tensions of living with “dual citizenship”? May we serve our tribes, states, and nations, but never cease to represent our places and peoples to Your dominion? Amen!
** https://www.archives.gov/nhprc/projects/catalog/john-ireland
*** https://www.stthomas.edu/libraries/ireland/about/johnireland/